Handmade Prehnite Pendant with Etched Brass

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This handcrafted pendant is a unique one-off design featuring a beautiful faceted prehnite stone set in sterling silver balancing on top of an intricately etched brass design.

The pendant is complimented with a string of oxidised brass beads with obsidian and peridot beads.

Known as the stone of prophecy, Prehnite will help you process hard truths, and develop an understanding of who you truly are.

Peridot - the August birthstone - is a stone of the heart that brings an inner sense of warmth and wellbeing, like sunshine on a spring day. It also helps remove blockages to receiving & is therefore a stone of abundance.

Obsidian is an Earth element stone with grounding and protective qualities.

Necklace Length: 20in

Pendant Dimensions: 30mm x 27mm