About Me

Create. Heal. Love.

‘Nimala’ means “creative girl” in Sinhalese. I have always been creative and have always needed a creative outlet to feel balanced in life. My interest in jewellery started back in high school where I was fascinated with the contrast of putting shiny, polished metals with non-traditional materials like rust and wood and paper - I created a series of pieces for my Year 12 art major work focusing on the juxtaposition of these materials, and so my love of jewellery making was born.
Over the years I have dabbled in silver jewellery, photography, and then in resin jewellery which saw the birth of Nimala Designs back in 2012 whilst pregnant with my second child.
I have come full-circle back to metal jewellery and I have not looked back. Working in my home studio in Sydney, Australia I create beautiful and intricate handcrafted designs inspired by age-old symbols; the process of etching; and the healing power & beauty of gemstones.
As a mother of two young kids with autism, the last 10 years of my life have been dedicated to nurturing and guiding them to a full and happy life. The impact on me as a special needs mother has been huge, but I wouldn’t change a thing. My gorgeous kids bring me so much joy - they have given me the opportunity to celebrate the small things that most parents take for granted, and without them I’m not sure I would have found my way back to jewellery.
As a full time mother I give so much of myself to my kids, but making jewellery is for ME - it brings me so much joy and healing and I hope to infuse these qualities into my pieces for the wearer.